hudson barry pilates

Hudson Barry Pilates is dedicated to the pursuit of wellness. One of our primary tools to achieve this is with the Pilates method. We believe the Pilates method of body conditioning and correction is more than simply an exercise system, it’s an attitude and a brilliant approach to balance in daily life.

When taught correctly under professional instructors the method transforms both mind and body to create a new improved you. Improvements are quickly noted in core strength, postural alignment, more energy, fat loss, leaner thighs and waist, pain reduction and overall a renewed sense of physical and mental well-being.  

All this and more is ready and waiting for you in our fully equipped studio's, specifically designed to create a tranquil, beautiful space in which to workout. If you desire a change for the better then we have the answers.

Pilates is a series of beautifully executed movements according to a strict set of principals in order to achieve balance, power, tone, strength and resilience. It’s quite simple (yet powerful) and quite beautiful to do and to watch when it is done well. Like watching any athlete or dancer that has mastered their body - It is the human body in perfect harmony & balance, it is powerful yet graceful and it is a thing of beauty. Pilates can help you be better in all facets of your life.

At Hudson Barry we hope to unlock these qualities in those who desire them. So whether you’re a lawyer, a doctor, a mum or an elite athlete, we can help you become better at it and move through life with more grace, more ease and a greater sense of well-being.  

"A perfect balance of body and mind is that quality in civilized man which not only gives him superiority over the savage and animal kingdom, but furnishes him all the physical and mental powers that are indispenable for attaining his ultimate goal - health and happiness"     

                                                                                                                    Joseph Hubertus Pilates - 1934

Essentially the design of the human body and the natural foods that exist to fuel it are a brilliant and perfect system. However, often we lose our way, moving in ways that challenge the natural biomechanics, or worse, not moving at all.  Add to this bad habits of fueling the body with foreign, non-living, de-energised matter. Over time our strength and energy deteriorates and so begins the slide into obesity, pain and emotional disfunction. The good news is that this can be changed and we can help.

Welcome to our studio, your journey to a new you has begun and it’s a wonderful ride.